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Aesthetica Preprint 116
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Aesthetica Preprint 116

Art and Knowledge in Classical German Philosophy

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– Art and Knowledge in Classical German Philosophy. An Introduction
di Francesco Campana e Gabriele Tomasi

– Kant and the cognitive value of poetry
di Gabriele Tomasi

– Kant’s Concept of Genius: A Defence, Against Romanticism and Scepticism
di Andy Hamilton

– Hölderlin as Reader of Poetry: Notes on the “Wechsel der Töne”
di Elisa Ronzheimer

– Zwischen Systemanspruch und Systemkritik. Friedrich Schlegels ‘Offenes System im Werden’
di Johannes Korngiebel

– The Romantic Development of Classical German Philosophy: From Post-Kantianism to Giorgio Agamben and Jacques Rancière
di Paul Hamilton

– Anthropoaesthetics of Expression. Art and Knowledge in Friedrich Schleiermacher
di Gregorio Tenti

– Who’s Afraid of Seneca? Conflict And Pathos in the Romantic-Idealistic Theory of Tragedy
di Giovanna Pinna

– The Absolute Perspective of the Personal Subject Hegel vs. Plato on Social Philosophy, Art, and Religion
di Pirmin Stekeler-Weithofer

– Art Is (Not) Knowledge. A question of Hegelian terminology
di Luca Illetterati

– From Poetry to Music. The Paradigms of Art in German Aesthetics of the 19th Century
di Francesco Campana

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